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The claims about the Hands Free UVC have yet been evaluated by the FDA.


Ultraviolet Light - 'C' Spectrum

HFUVC utilizes a germicidal lamp which has a special glass that transmits 254nm energy that inactivates bacteria, viruses, and molds by preventing replication. The amount of UVC light required to inactive different types of bacteria, viruses, and molds vary. It has been widely researched that as little as 2mJ/cm2 of UVC exposure has proven effective.

The HFUVC emits in excess of 7x this amount in just 1 minute.

UVC lamps emits UV radiation which may cause eye/skin injury. Avoid exposure of eyes and skin to unshielded lamp. (HFUVC has enclosed cabinet and safety interlocks to prevent exposure.)


The disinfectant device's features

UVC has been in use for decades throughout many industries for its germicidal benefits. The Hands Free UVC implements this technology into a form factor that doesn't require the user to touch the disinfectant device with their hands. This hands free feature prevents the spread of bacteria and viruses from contact with the repeated use of handles, switches, and knobs by personnel.

Eliminate the costs incurred from time spent wiping down frequently used items.

Eliminate the costs incurred from consumables cleaners and wipes.

Eliminate the costs of your staff becoming sick do to the lack of adequate supplies.