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Made in America

Designed, fabricated, assembled, and tested in the USA. Attention to detail, longevity, and quality componenets.


Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel 304 grade with directional brushed finish offers a great mix of durability and corrosion resistance to chemicals in most situations. Grade 304 is the most popular stainless alloy in the world. It is typically used in aerospace, food and beverage industry, pressure containers, architectural designs and trim, cryogenic applications, medical equipment and chemical processing equipment.

The Hands Free UVC units are constructed completely out of heavy duty SS for long lasting durability.

Electrical Components

High Quality

Hands Free UVC Disinfecting units are designed using all high quality UL, CE, and/or CSE electrical components to ensure extended life. Rigorous durability testing along with safety interlocks protect users. Includes long hospital grade 120v NEMA 5-15cord to allow easy incorporation into current floor plans.

UVC Light

Full Coverage

UVC light is exposed to the entire surface of the items being disinfected. This reduces user error to ensure the items being disinfected get as much disinfection coverage as possible. Minimized contact points and strategic placement of lamps ensure the maximum disinfection.

Foot Pedals

Hands Free Operation

At the base of each item disinfection cabinet are high quality foot pedals for operating the disinfecting units. This unique feature prevents the transfer of pathogens from one user to another user while starting/stopping and loading/unloading.

Easy of Handling

Caster Wheels

Large diameter wheels on the item disinfection cabinets roll over mats, thresholds, and cords easily. The -100 is moves similar to a hand-truck which makes the unit very stable once set in place. The -200AP has four wheel casters to freely move the unit within facilities. The -300AP has four rotating casters to quickly position in a space and begin disinfecting and processing the air.